Gerard Cronin is the lead Director within the Company for Independent Reviews. He has been commissioned by a number of NHS Trusts to carry out Independent Reviews into completed internal investigations. Cronin Solutions has also been comissioned by individual patients who have been dissatisfied with the outcome of their concerns raised within the NHS.

Gerard does not have any conflict of interest with the NHS and is ideally placed to offer an Independent Review to healthcare organisations, patients and patient representative groups.

In addition to significant exposure as Medico Legal Nursing expert, Gerard is a trained case investigator. He has managed difficult and sensitive reviews within the Health sectors. His experience includes working with two of the organisations identified in the NHS Keogh review of 2013. Gerard is comfortable both in judicial and quasi judicial environments.

Cronin Solutions specialises in the independent review of patient safety incidents in the acute setting.

Cronin Solutions uses methodology such as appreciative enquiry, staff interviews, Root cause analysis investigation, significant event audit etc to triangulate data, providing a structured approach to the investigation and final report.

Associates of Cronin Ltd are available to carry out independent reviews in other settings including:

  • Mental health settings
  • Primary care settings
  • Education settings
  • Residential Care home settings
  • Nursing home settings

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