Revalidation is a process that all registered Clinicians need to engage with to demonstrate that they practice safely and effectively throughout their career. At present all registered Nurses are required to renew their registration every three years.

Cronin Solutions has established links within the technical industry that supports Revalidation and is working in partnership to develop an electronic Revalidation platform to support Revalidation for Nurses.

Revalidation is expected to strengthen the renewal process by introducing new requirements that focus on:

  • Up-to-date practice and professional development.

  • Reflection on the professional standards of practice and behavior as set out in the Code.

  • Engagement in professional discussions with other registered nurses or midwives.

Registrants are expected to obtain Confirmation during the final 12 months of the three-year registration period.

Cronin Solutions offers a Revalidation Confirmation Service to Registrants that will include:

  • A face-to-face discussion with the registrant about their portfolio.

  • Review the registrant’s portfolio to ensure that the portfolio is fit and meets the Revalidation requirements.

  • Question the registrant in the event of the evidence not being strong enough to meet the requirements for Revalidation.

  • Provide guidance to the registrant to strengthen the portfolio if necessary.

  • A follow up discussion with the registrant about the revised portfolio.

  • Complete the confirmation form or explain to the registrant what they have failed to provide in order for Cronin Solutions to provide the Confirmation to the NMC.


To find out more please call 07757 301280 or email us


Cronin Solutions does not decide whether a nurse or midwife will be revalidated or will remain on the register. This the role of the NMC. Cronin Solutions does not make a judgment on whether the registrant is fit to practise. Cronin Solutions does not verify information in the registrant’s portfolio. Please note that if the Director or associates of Cronin Solutions has concern(s) about a registrant’s fitness to practise, the Company is under an obligation to refer the matter(s) to the NMC.



NMC Requirements


450 Practise Hours

You must practise a minimum of 450 hours (900 hours for those registered as both a nurse and a midwife) over the three years prior to the renewal of your registration.

Hours must be carried out in your role as a registered nurse or midwife, which could include:

  • Clinical care, for example in an acute or community setting;
  • Nursing and midwifery education and research;
  • Policy advisory roles; or
  • Management and leadership roles specific to nursing or midwifery.

Portfolio record

We recommend that you maintain a record of your practice hours in your portfolio, including:

  • Dates of practice
  • Hours undertaken
  • Details of the organisation
  • Scope of practice
  • Work setting
  • Description of work
  • Evidence (e.g. timesheets)



35 hours of continuing professional development

You must undertake 35 hours of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) relevant to your scope of practice as a nurse or midwife, over the three years prior to the renewal of your registration. Of these hours, 20 must be through participatory learning.

You will need to maintain accurate records of your CPD and demonstrate how you have used it to reflect on and improve your practice in your written reflections.

Participatory learning includes any learning activity which involves interacting with other people, which could include:

  • Study day
  • Learning events, such as aconference or workshop
  • Peer Review
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Participation in clinical audit, practice visits and group meetings

Portfolio record

You must maintain accurate records of your CPD, including:

  • CPD method
  • Description of the topic and how it relates to your practice
  • Dates and number of hours
  • Relevance to Code
  • Evidence that CPD has taken place



5 pieces of practice-related feedback

You must obtain at least five pieces of practice-related feedback over the three years prior to the renewal of your registration.

Feedback can come from a variety of sources, including patients, service users, students and colleagues. Feedback can also be obtained through reviewing complaints, team performance reports and serious event reviews.

Feedback can be informal or formal, written or verbal. It could be specific feedback about an individual, or feedback about a whole ward, team or organisation.

Portfolio record

We recommend that you keep notes of the content of the feedback.

You will not need to record the actual instances of feedback in your portfolio, but you will need to demonstrate how you used feedback to reflect on and improve your practice in your written reflections.

Be careful not to record any information that might identify a specific patient or service user.



5 reflections and discussions

You must record a minimum of five written reflections on the Code and five written reflections on CPD over the three years prior to the renewal of your registration. You must discuss these reflections with another NMC-registered nurse or midwife.

Each reflective account can be about an instance of CPD or feedback, or a combination of both. For example, you could create a reflective account on a particular topic which may have arisen through some feedback your team received, such as consent and confidentiality, and identify how that relates to the Code.

You must discuss your written reflections with another NMC-registered nurse or midwife as part of a professional development discussion.

Portfolio record

You will need to record:

  • Five written reflective accounts that explain what you learnt, how you changed or improved your work as a result and how it is relevant to the Code. You can use the template provided or your own (see full guidance for criteria).
  • A completed reflection and discussion form with details of, the person with whom you have had the discussion.



Health and character declaration

You must provide a health and character declaration. You must declare if you have been convicted of any criminal offence or issued with a formal caution.

Good character is important and is central to the Code because nurses and midwives must be honest and trustworthy. Your good character is based on your conduct, behaviour and attitude. In accordance with the Code, we expect you to declare any cautions and convictions to the NMC immediately, not just at the point of renewal.

We expect you to be in a state of health that ensures you are capable of safe and effective practice without supervision, after any reasonable adjustments are made by your employer. This does not mean there must be a total absence of any disability or health condition. Many people with disabilities or health conditions are able to practise effectively with or without adjustments to support their practice.

Portfolio record

These declarations will be made as part of your revalidation application. You do not need to keep anything in your portfolio as part of this requirement.



Professional indemnity arrangement

You must declare that you have, or will have when practising, appropriate cover under an indemnity arrangement.

You must inform us whether this arrangement is through your employer, a membership with a professional body, or through a private insurance arrangement.



Portfolio record

We recommend that you retain evidence that you have an appropriate arrangement in place.




You must use the paper copy NMC confirmation form signed by your confirmer. Cronin Solutions provides a confirmation service for you to avail of.



Portfolio record

We recommend that you retain evidence that you have an appropriate arrangement in place.